Repository Search – Coming Soon!

Academic journals and research repositories are an integral part of the ecosystem of anthropological scholarship and human knowledge more broadly. We are looking into developing a solution that will allow for integration and distribution across multiple existing platforms using CrossRef’s MetaData Retrieval API. Central to this proposal is a global search feature that can search multiple anthropology-related journals and repositories and that would display results that link back to the original source, rather than being uploaded separately to the CollabAnthNetwork.

We are especially interested in promoting open access anthropology journals and repositories while amplifying research within the CollabAnthNetwork community and abroad. For example, future development might include allowing users to dynamically display a list of their articles and papers uploaded to CrossRef member organizations within a tab of their social profile, and to also allow group admins to set categories that will serve to dynamically build a list of papers that share the same categories in the groups activity feeds and/or a dedicated tab in the group and provide filters to organize the results based on additional search criteria.

We stand by our belief that there is a need and a potential for an integrated model that preserves the scholarly standards that researchers and institutions have come to expect, while also innovating outside of entrenched scholarly models to allow for greater collaboration, networking, and evolution of the field. The goal of the Collaborative Anthropology Network is not to replace journals or repositories, but to serve a unique role in facilitating research-related collaborative activities while greatly enabling the dissemination of research to a wider audience – a social platform for collaborative research.

Towards this objective, we are planning to develop solutions that will allow for integration and distribution across multiple existing anthropology platforms!