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Experience the Best of eLearning With CollabAnthNetwork’s LMS

Create or take online courses in anthropology from anywhere and at any time – without any of the hassle or commitment of other platforms!

Frontend Drag-and-Drop Course Builder

CollabAnth’s LMS comes with a revolutionary drag & drop system to create resourceful courses. It’s feature-rich, yet easy to use. Our design is centered around enhancing your experience, and providing the latest available eLearning technologies!

Lessons, Quiz & Assignments

Create compelling quizzes, assignments, lessons, and more to create resourceful eLearning courses.

Content Drip

Get full control over learning path management with powerful included addons like Course Content Drip.

Unlimited Quizzes

Powerful quiz creator to create custom-tailored quizzes with handy features like unique question types, timer, and more to create compelling quizzes.


Improve learners’ retention with easy to create and assess assignments features for your courses without any hassle and make eLearning more effective & engaging.

Personalized Dashboard for Teachers & Students

Organized and personalized dashboard for teachers & students. Access everything you need to manage your courses from one spot.

Access & Manage Everything From One Spot
Separate Dashboard for Students & Teachers

Multi-Instructor and Revenue Sharing

Money management is a breeze with CollabAnth’s LMS. It allows multiple instructors to collaborate in running eLearning courses with flexible commission allocation, money management, and uninterrupted revenue distribution.

Host Live Classes

Take interactive & effective live classes using integration with Zoom, Google Classroom, or YouTube.

Event Calender

Let students easily keep track of assignments. Schedule assignments set deadlines and keep students up to date with your eLearning plan.

Advanced Analytics &

Assess the effectiveness of the courses, track the performance of individual student progress, and more with data-driven insights.

Track Performance

Track the performance of students’ and courses’ progress to assess the effectiveness.

Earnings Statistics

Get an overview of your overall earning stats like total earnings, current balance, and more.


Keep your students in the loop with personalized & interactive notifications and enhance their overall experience.

Keep Your Passion For Teaching Alive

Everyone has something to teach. Let your passion for anthropology reach a wider audience and earn money out of it with the CollabAnthNetwork’s LMS.

Manage Class Size

Set the number of students that can enroll in a course. Provide more one-on-one interaction, hands-on activities, and a more focused approach by defining your class size.

Set Course Pre-requisites

Measure students’ preparedness before they can enroll in a course by setting course pre-requisites.

Define Enrollment Durations

Divide the academic year into various lengths of time by setting the expiration periods for courses. Easily manage how long students can access a course after enrollment.