The Collaborative Anthropology Network

A multi-service platform for anthropologists, cultural advocates, and field-adjacent researchers re-imagined as a more field-specific, collaborative, and proactive site for anthropological discourse with a commitment to promote the full diversity of anthropology as a field, as a practice, and as an agent of cultural advocacy.

A social space to learn, collaborate, and organize

We believe there is a need for an integrated model that preserves the scholarly standards that researchers and institutions have come to expect while also innovating outside of entrenched scholarly models to allow for greater collaboration amongst a dedicated community of cohorts.

Social groups, re-imagined

Gathering places around specific research areas in anthropology

Create groups for organizations, schools, fields of practice, cultural areas, theory, and methods. Features include wiki-based introductory content, discussion boards, and zoom videoconferencing (private groups coming soon!)

Ethnographic Blogging in user profiles

You no longer need to set up and maintain a blog and then constantly promote each and every post across multiple social media channels to reach an audience. Now you can easily start an anthropology blog from your own profile that will be automatically promoted across an entire social network of interested anthropology readers!

Organizational Directory

Are you an anthropology-related consultancy, research firm, or provide field-adjacent services? Reach potential clients by creating an anthropology service listing. Client booking and live chat features are available!

An anthropology job board

A modern job board designed for anthropology-focused job-seekers and recruiters.

Coming Soon!

An online learning marketplace platform to teach and learn topics in both academic and applied anthropology and related fields (apply to teach here).