Sponsoring Advertisers

Sponsoring advertisers support the community features of the Collaborative Anthropology Network provided to users for free in exchange for sponsored advertising placement on the platform. We do not charge based on advertisement click-throughs or ad impressions. These sponsorships are priced to help fund the continuing operation of the Collaborative Anthropology Network community.

Our goal is to provide and enable the sharing of anthropology-related content that our users find valuable and useful. That also means that we do not use automated advertisement injection services like Google AdSense that might display a shop sale on spring dresses in a member’s post on feminist anthropology while harvesting their reader’s data! Instead, we are looking for anthropology-oriented partners who want to support the continued services of the Collaborative Anthropology Network for the community in return for exposure on the network as a sponsor in the form of anthropology-related advertisements, announcements, or other public communications.

The priority of the Collaborative Anthropology will always be the user-generated site content. We do not allow aggressive marketing of any product, including for anthropology. Sponsored advertisements are unobtrusively placed throughout the network and are by default randomly rotated in member blogs, in the activity feeds of users and groups on the network, in discussion boards, and in page sidebars throughout the network. You can be sure that users will see your ads and announcements when they interact with the site, but we are careful not to allow ads to intrude on the user experience or to place ads that are not of particular interest to anthropologists, cultural advocates, or the broader research community.

Targeting features, such as conditional displaying of advertisements based on content type, login status, membership level, or device are available, but this service does not include the sharing or selling of aggregated or individual user data from either party, and we do not hold any explicit relationship with third-party tracking services. Sponsors will be offered an option to receive email updates that provide access to in-house analytics on the performance of the individual sponsors live advertisements based on the non-personal tracking data that is enabled and stored on the Collaborative Anthropology Network servers.

As we launch, we are very interested to hear any questions and concerns from potential and current sponsors regarding our sponsored advertisement service offering. Our initial service offering is all inclusive and available at an introductory rate. However, we reserve the right to change the pricing and available advertisement service offerings in order to ensure that service offerings are available for both smaller and larger sponsoring advertisers with placement and exposure that is adequate to the amount of their contributions, as well as forecasts of the ongoing cost of running the Collaborative Anthropology Network. Decisions to adjust the sponsored advertisement service offering(s) will be based on feedback from CollabAnthNetwork sponsors and users, costs associated with the operation of the Collaborative Anthropology Network, and the performance data of the various placements, groupings, and targeting capabilities of our in-house advertisement service over time. Existing sponsorships will still receive the placement, grouping, and features that were ordered at the time of purchase regardless of changes in pricing or service offering options.

Organizations that are interested in providing premium features available on the Collaborative Anthropology Network to members of their organization, please contact us!

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