Sponsored Advertisement


Sponsored advertisement placed throughout the network and randomly rotated

Available ad types

  • Plain Text and Code
  • Image Ad

You will be able to submit the ad content after the purchase.




This initial service offering is all inclusive and available at an introductory rate. We are careful not to allow ads to intrude on the user experience or to place ads that are not of particular interest to anthropologists, cultural advocates, or the broader research community. Only anthropology-related advertisements, announcements, or other public communications will be allowed and each submitted advertisement will be reviewed based on relevance and design standards before being published on the network.

We reserve the right to change the pricing and available advertisement service offerings. However, existing sponsorships will receive the placement, grouping, and features that were ordered at the time of purchase regardless of changes in pricing or service offering options.

Learn more about the process for purchasing, creating, and getting sponsored advertisements published on the Collaborative Anthropology Network!

As we launch, we are very interested to hear any questions and concerns from potential and current sponsors regarding our sponsored advertisement service offering.